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What is Students4Students?

Student4Student is a non-formal entity, born as an initiative of a group of students

Our aim is to become the reference platform for anyone willing to support the right to higher education with customized projects for each of our partner universities, each donor can find a customized scholarship.

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Our Mission

To raise awareness on the (non) collateral damages of Covid-19, to prompt people to join strengths for the greater cause of granting education and to sensitize the public on the massive impacts of the joint power of micro-individual donations 

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Our Vision

To aid those who’s right to education has been stolen by the Covid-19 pandemic. To ensure the subsistence of meritocracy and to prevent economic hardship from being an insurmountable obstacle of higher education 

We operate in full transparency grating reliability and professionalism to all our stakeholders.
Our policy is to be clear on all steps of the process
United work of a group has a greater impact than the sum of the efforts of each component.
“If ants work together they can move an elephant”
A supporting network can be a powerful weapon to reach a genuine form of solidariety 
“Sharing is caring”

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