Crisis Outbreak

We have tried to look at Covid-19 through a 360° lense and we decided to focus on one of the many burdens that our society will struggle with after the medical emergency will have pass by 
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Have been affected by the economic crisis worldwide
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Is the expected rate in Italy in 2021, worse then 2008
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Globally will be directly impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak

How will the Covid-19 crisis impact higher education

Education could become a victim of spending cuts, as funds will be channelled elsewhere to recover the economy
Audrey Azoulay
Audrey Azoulay
General Director of UNESCO
The overall position of international education is that it’s going to take a massive hit
Simon Marginson
Simon Marginson
Director of the Center of Higher Education at Oxford
The university is scared for students, we forecast that 20% will leave the courses
Gaetano Manfredi
Gaetano Manfredi
Italian MIUR Minister

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