Does Students4Students keep a fee on the donation?


No, Students4Students is just a network of entities that connects different typology of campaigns.
Some of them are handeled by the Institution to which they are entiteled, others are managed directly by us, but we never take fees.

Are you a legal entity?


No, Students4Students is just a platform that links universities managed campaigns

To which kind of Institution can I donate?


Our network connects international institutions, both in the pubblic and in the private sector.

Why should I trust you?


This initiative is supported by Italian Government and many others important institution.
Did you know that this website was paid by ESCP Business School Fundation?

Who powers the payments?


We rely on external providers for the payment process. Once the donation is made, the founds are gathered in a crowdfunding campaign managed by the institution whose the grant was directed.

Still have questions? email us at info@students4students.eu