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Funds will be used to pay university fees for students affected by Covid-19
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ESCP Business School is the first Business School of the world and, it offers bachelor, master and MBA programmes in its six European campuses of Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, Turin and Warsaw.

It has been ranked as top tier institution by many evaluators as the Financial Times, thanks to its international mindset, the values spread within students and the carrier's perspective offered.

ESCP Business School is the first supporter of Students4Students project, they helped us financing our platform.

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Launched by the alumni in 2005, the ESCP Foundation became a public utility foundation by a decree published on 18th March 2012. ESCP benefits from the generosity of individuals and corporate partners to support the ambitions and the academic excellence of the School.

In 2019, the Foundation fundraised over €4,6m to fund the Equal Opportunity scholarship programme, High-level Research, and Influence of the brand. Alongside the School, it prepares a large-scale project: the renovation of the campus of the future.

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